Selected Projects

Water treatment processes simulation (2020)

Simulation, data analysis

Creating simulation models for water treatment processes toward implementing Digital Twin applications.

  • Development of modelica models
  • analysis and fitting of models to sensor data
  • development of maintenance prediction models

Energy management platform (2019)

Prediction model development, data engineering

  • Developed and operated prediction models for more than 500MWh of daily energy use
  • Developed and operated prediction models to optimize purchase source using just in time JEPX price prediction
  • Developped prediction model for excess solar generation
  • Specified interfaces for integration with CRM and market purchase system

Hakuto - Lunar Rover navigation and simulation (2018)

Computer vision algorithm development, simulation environment

Hakuto is a project aiming at sending a lunar exploration rover on the Moon. Within the rover opetation team:

  • Developped vision algorithms to assist in rover navigation on the lunar surface
  • Initated the simulation project aiming at operator training, algorithm training and testing
  • Designed experiments for rover tests in lunar analogues
  • Contributed to system requirements and preliminary design reviews

IAC 2019 paper

IoT Service for Care Facilities (2017)

Data analysis, UI design and implementation

Mobile an desktop tools deployed in multiple care facilities in the US.

  • Created the design from stakeholders hearings
  • Implemented and integrated UI in existing system
  • created API specifications for the backend team

Passenger Information Display (2015)

Tracking algorithm, user interface design an implementation

Based on initial requirements

  • Developed the bus tracking and arrival estimation algorithm
  • Integrated the sytem in the fleet management backend
  • Created inital design
  • Implemented the interface

Barbados local bus and taxi search (2015)

Web and mobile application, Backend, Design

An application built with angular.js, leaflet and Open Trip Planner, providing direction information for using bus or taxi on Barbados Island. It uses map data from Open street map and a GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) feed.