As a publisher or news agency or if you use a blog to generate leads, data visualization could be a unique opportunity. Most topics cover underlying data of of some sort that could benefit from a more interactive form of storytelling around it.

This is where data visualization has many benefits.

  • Opportunity to tell better stories with the data
  • High quality content that improve your image and authority
  • Content can become viral and increase your reach
  • More backlinks
  • More referral traffic

Data journalism has been until now the exclusivity of major publications such as The New York Times or The Guardian. It is the consequence of the high cost associated to the production of such content. They have teams of journalists, designers and engineers dedicated to produce those stories everyday.

As tools are getting better and more software developers are focusing on this field, these interactive contents can now be generated at a more reasonable cost.

And the effort can be worth it as such content can be the key to building your audience. As SEO becomes more difficult, some suggest the guestographics strategy: using infographics that you guest post on other blogs. This can be also reproduced with data visualization contents.

(by the way, I may be able to help you if you are interested)